How Do You Imagine Your Oregon Wedding Ceremony?

Intimate and romantic? Large and festive? Short ‘n sweet? Full of laughter and personal stories? Is it performed by a pro or your best friend? Are you and your spouse-to-be wearing a designer wedding gown and tux or a sundress and shorts? Is it in a grand hotel? On a mountaintop? At the top of Grand Mesa?

We are Lyssabeth’s Oregon Wedding Officiants. Large or small, traditional or unconventional, we’ll put together a wedding, commitment ceremony or vow renewal that will make you smile when you look back on it.obj259

Established in 2002, we serve the I-5 corridor from Portland to Salem to Eugene as well as the central and northern Oregon coast (and pretty much anywhere in between!)

We’re not big on “shoulds”, but we have three to which we adhere:

*every couple should have their ceremony any way they want it

*retaining an officiant should be easy

*couples should have a memorable ceremony regardless of their budget and should get some great wedding presents that will remind them about this special day

Which of the categories below best describes what you’re seeking? And don’t worry if you don’t fit exactly into one of our levels; we’ll put something special together just for you if you fall between two. We’re not about squelching round pegs into square holes! We’ll give you the ceremony elements you want without making you pay for ones that you don’t.

We’re on a mission to eradicate boring (a.k.a. beige) wedding ceremonies from Oregon and beyond.

Learn More About Us

Feel free to look around our website, where you’ll find information about Lyssabeth’s and our officiants. Obtain details about our Ceremony Levels, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page. You can also check out some wonderful ceremony-related articles and products and read our blog.